3D Model Demo

The 3D model below will take about 30 seconds to load. Thank you for your patience.

The SUGAR team has been collaborating with a local municipal authority, Aglantzia Municipality, which is offering a live project as a case study for the SUGAR platform and framework. The project is the expansion of Omirou avenue and its connection to Fytoriou road that has been a point of contention between locals and authorities bringing forth environmental concerns among other issues. The SUGAR team has created a 3D model of the existing context as well as a couple of proposals including the one the municipality is putting forth and allows the public to navigate the model and create their own versions of this environment, including various options of street furniture, public buildings and amenities such as public pools, athletic facilities, open-air theatre spaces etc. The platform encourages the public to utilise the augmented reality environment to express opinions over what should happen with these spaces and such opinions will be taken to the municipality for assessment. Below one can find a partly interactive model of the municipality’s proposal. A fully interactive app will be available at a public workshop to be announced soon.