The SUGAR team has successfully launched its interactive application to facilitate and enhance the interactivity of planning consultation processes using a case study offered by Aglantzia Municipality for a contentious project that is currently undergoing this process. The project / case-study is concerning the extension of Omirou Street to Fytoriou Street, a pivotal intervention to the way the whole city is accessed and navigated as it has the potential to become a major vehicular artery to the city. The municipality has embraced the different views regarding the project and believes in a more meaningful consultation process where the public is fully informed through visual means of the intervention and is allowed to propose design elements that can compliment or off-set the focus on the vehicular mode of transport. This has been in-line with the SUGAR aims and goals and we have embraced this opportunity to create an interactive application to allow the public to visualise various proposals as well as edit, manipulate components and share their creations in a virtual forum, facilitated through our facebook page. The app features an Augmented Reality and Normal mode for devices that can’t support Augmented Reality. Due to the difficulties of holding an in-person consultation at the moment, we invite the public to email us at to be given access to the Android application installation file and be given instructions on how to install and operate the application. We are hopeful that in July we will be able to hold an in-person consultation using the application as well and finally convey all the information and visual material created by the public as well as the comments and interactions of members of the public to inform their design and planning application process.

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